SD Filtration’s latest Pilot Plant in the news

Arla are researching into using a milk lipid to help fight dementia. This was aired yesterday on the 6 o’clock news. Arla have recently had a highly customised Pilot Plant designed, delivered and commissioned at their test centre by SD Filtration.  At the end of the news feature, the SD Filtration Pilot Plant is the centre of attention.

Arla’s fight against dementia with milk

At Arla in Nr. Vium, researchers are investigating whether a particular substance in milk can help to prevent dementia, and for this purpose Arla are using their most recent and highly customised pilot plant supplied by SD Filtration. Their research focuses on the effect of sphingomyelin, on a person’s brain as it gets older. Sphingomyelin is a lipid found in milk. The drug has already been shown to improve infant brain development. Arla is now testing if the drug can help fight dementia. The Sphingomyelin powder will be used in products such as yogurt, protein bars, drinks. The researchers expect to be able to conclude that sphingomyelin has a preventive effect on dementia brains within five to eight years.

Source: TV2 18 Nyhederne 13. februar

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